Theatre Rental

Blue Mouse Theatre Interior

Rent the Blue Mouse

The Blue Mouse makes its facility available to private groups during non-operating hours. Fees are based on the number of hours the renter requires, as well as the level of services and support needed.

Facilities: The Blue Mouse has seating for 219, plus a stage suitable for speaking engagements, panel discussions and limited on-stage entertainment. There is no backstage area for costume changes, scene changes, etc. We have a microphone sound system and limited lighting capabilities. Digital Projection available with Blu-ray and DVD capabilities.

Availability: The Theatre is generally available anytime there is no scheduled film or activity. Please call for other times that might be available. We will confirm your reservation upon receipt of your deposit. Our normal “dark” (available) hours are before 6:00 pm weekdays and before 2:00 PM weekends.

Fees: Contact us for rental costs. Please note that the following are Not included with your rental fees: film rental, shipping costs and film booking fees, when applicable. Sorry, no outside projectionists are permitted.

A $1500.00 Film Deposit is required before a studio film is booked for the public and tickets are sold,  any over payment will be refunded after we receive final film bill, freight and booking fees. Theses fees do not reflect the building deposit and rental cost, those are separate.

DEPOSITS for film fees and building rentals are the sole discretion of the theatre management and ownership.

Insurance: We recommend liability insurance for groups using the theatre. If you do not have such insurance, please advise the theatre manager.

Alcohol: Alcohol for private parties is permitted. You are responsible for obtaining the necessary banquet permit. More information..



For party Information please email Sue at Or Call

after 10:00 am to my cell    253-905-1045 


Rental fee is $225  based on 2-hour rental.

**For Up to 50 people for 51 people and above an additional $50 an hour will be charged**

$50 Dollars charge for each additional hour

Non-refundable deposit of $50 to hold a date. This will be subtracted from the total rental.

*Hours of availability 9:00 am to 2:00 pm ( Saturday & Sunday )

*Weekdays Monday -Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm ( During Summer or School year )

*You are responsible for supplying the movie of your choice: Blu-ray or DVD.

( You CAN NOT watch current movie playing) 

* After the movie ends, you can celebrate on our stage or lobby area

*You can bring in your own cake, snacks and beverages.We can provide 6 ft tables.

*We can offer a Small popcorn & Small Soda combo for $4

 *During the school year we book up fast, usually two months ahead.

(The prices above reflect the cost of birthday parties only,

they do not reflect the prices of school rentals or other private or public events)


School Class Rentals $300  between hours 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Pubic Fund Raising Events:  Non Profit $225 



Screening Events During Dark Hours

$350.00 for the first (2) Hours and $50.00 an hour for additional time

The Movie must be in a acceptable format  Blu Ray, DVD or DCP

If This is a public event film testing must take place prior to your event as to make

sure everything is in working order

*Group rentals, Client Appreciation parties ,

*Public Screenings ( Local Film Makers)

After Hours Screenings ( Late Night) $350.00 For two hours & $50 for each additional Hours

  1. Film Must be booked with our booker ( $75.00 Fee Applies)
  2. groups are responsible for all film rental fee’s  ( $250.00 to $1500.00
  3. All tickets must be tracked for audit purpose if studio inquire