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Blue Mouse Theatre Interior

COVID-19 Special Notice

As of June 30th, 2021 – all statewide mask mandates are lifted, and Washington State is fully open for business.  At the Blue Mouse, your health and safety continue to be our highest priority.  Masks are no longer required for fully vaccinated individuals, but we will continue to require that unvaccinated customers wear a mask at all times while inside the theater.

Rent the Blue Mouse

The Blue Mouse makes its facility available to private groups by reservation only. Fees are based on the number of hours the renter requires, as well as the level of services and support needed.

Facilities: The Blue Mouse has seating for 219 plus a stage suitable for speaking engagements, panel discussions and limited on-stage entertainment. There is no backstage area for costume changes, scene changes, etc. We have a microphone sound system and limited lighting capabilities. Digital Projection available with blu-ray and DVD capabilities.

Fees: Many fees are detailed below. If you have further questions, or have an event idea that is not covered below then please contact us – we’d be happy to help you determine the cost for your event. Sorry, no outside projectionists are permitted.


Rentals during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Washington State has lifted all mask mandates, but the Blue Mouse continues to make your health and safety our highest priority.  During the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, there will be guidelines and expectations for private rentals.  Here’s how we’re keeping you safe — and what we expect you to do to help keep our community safe — during your private rental:

What you can expect from The Blue Mouse

  • Our theater is clean. We disinfect between parties, and professionally deep clean the theater no less than once a week.
  • Our staff is masked. We wear masks, and we ask that you do as well, except when seated and eating or drinking.
  • In December 2020 we installed an extra, ionizing filtration system into our HVAC system, to help boost our COVID-fighting efforts indoors.
  • During parties we offer a small popcorn & small soda combo for $4
  • Social distancing is truly important. We strongly advise cupcakes instead of birthday cake during this Phase – it’s so much easier to serve and eat in a distanced way!

What The Blue Mouse expects from you:

  • Fully vaccinated customers are welcome to go mask-free inside the Blue Mouse.  Unvaccinated customers, however, are still required to wear a mask inside the theater.
  • Groups from different family units will remain socially distanced from one another.
  • Neither you, nor any of your guests, will attend The Blue Mouse if you have any symptoms of sickness, including (but not limited to) fever, runny nose, coughing, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell or a positive COVID-19 test. If you’re sick, stay home!


Birthday Parties

$250.00 for a 3-hour rental. $75 an hour for every hour (or part of an hour) after the first 3 hours.

To book your party, please email Sue at or call  253-905-1045  after 10:00 am

Birthday Party rentals are for all ages – see your favorite film with your friends for your birthday!

During the school year the Blue Mouse books up fast, usually two months ahead. Contact us now to secure your special date and time!

Please note: a party rental does not cover such events as a School Screening rental, a group gathering/conference rental or a catered event rental. See our offers below for those kinds of events! If you would like to bring beer or wine please get a permit online at :


Gaming on the Big Screen

$250.00 for a 3-hour rental. $75 an hour for every hour (or part of an hour) after the first 3 hours.

Bring your own HDMI-enabled console device (PS4/5, Switch, XBox Series S/X), and plug it into the biggest, highest-definition projector you’ve ever used. Play competitive split-screen on a movie screen the size of a house. And we’ve got the internet bandwidth to support your high-speed, no-lag server connections. Bring your friends and play 4 player, or just bring your switch for 3 hours of life-size BoTW!

To book your time with the big screen, please email Sue at or call  253-905-1045  after 10:00 am


General Admission Rentals

General Admission (whole theater rentals, for public screenings) are only available under special circumstances at this time.  Contact the theater for details or with any questions.


After hours Screenings (Late Night)

$350.00 for the first two hours. $75 for each additional hour

  1. Film Must be booked with our booker ($75.00 Fee Applies)
  2. groups are responsible for all film rental fees  ($250.00 to $1500.00)
  3. All tickets must be tracked, per studio requirements and auditing purposes


Other Events

School Class Rentals: $300 – between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm
Private Fundraising events for accredited non-profit organizations: $225 for the first 2 hours, $75/hour for each additional hour