Large** $8.50
Medium $7.50
Small $6.50


Extra Large $3.75
Large $3.50
Medium $3.00
Small $2.00

Soda Pop

Large $5.50
Medium $5.00
Small $4.50


Blue Mouse Sport Bottle* $6.50
Blue Mouse Sport Bottle refills $3.00
Coffee** $2.50
Tea or Hot Chocolate $2.00
Bottled Water $3.25
Gatorade $3.75


Mighty Mouse Combo (Lg Popcorn, 2x Med Soda) $17.00
Mini Mouse Combo (Sm Popcorn, Sm Soda) $9.00

FREE COFFEE! Bring your Blue Mouse mug to any movie and enjoy free coffee.

Here’s something you’d probably like to know. For the last 26 years the Blue Mouse concession stand has always had a perfect score for cleanliness and safety from the health department. Kudos to our Manager and staff!

* refillable
** free refills

Prices subject to change without notice.